Hosted File Transfer and
Distribution System

emShare is a secure file transfer and distribution system that facilitates sending and receiving any sized file over the internet with complete delivery tracking information, download documentation and most importantly, NO FILE SIZE LIMITATIONS! Click for more info...

Human Resource Management System

VHRpro is a powerful online data management system designed to facilitate every administrative process within an HR department. VHR Pro manages all employee data, tax forms, medical coverage information, 401(k), FSA, payroll and risk management aspects of your HR department. It also contains sophisticated management and operations schedulers to facilitate every day business operations within HR. Contact us for more info...
Archivia S
Online Media Sales and 
Delivery System

Designed to run a complete online stock media business, archivia makes it possible to sell not only images, video and music online, but also hardware, software, supplies and other related products. Click for more info...
Core Content
Web Site Conent Management System

Core Content gives users the power to control all of the content in their web sites. It no longer takes an IT professional to make modifications to web site content - through Core Content, anyone with basic word processing skills can log in and maintain corporate web site content. Contact us for more info...
Archivia M
Media Asset Management System

This version of the Archivia engine was created specifically to manage corporate media assets like logos, images, marketing materials, presentations and more. Now, disparate collections of corporate assets can be made available online through a keyword searchable database. Click for more info...
Contact Management System

Contact! is a centralized web-based contact management system that can be easily updated and maintained from multiple locations. Need a contact list for all of the executives in your database? No problem. Contact! gives you the power of advanced search filters to easily mine the list you are looking for from the database. Contact us for more info...